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Electrospinning literature

List of articles in category Articles
Title Published Date Hits
Novel electrospun poly(glycerol sebacate)–zein fiber mats as candidate materials for cardiac tissue engineering 2017-08-09 Hits: 234
Design, fabrication and perivascular implantation of bioactive scaffolds engineered with human adventitial progenitor cells for stimulation of arteriogenesis in peripheral ischemia 2017-08-09 Hits: 190
From design of bio-based biocomposite electrospun scaffolds to osteogenic differentiation of human mesenchymal stromal cells 2017-08-10 Hits: 190
Electrospinning: A versatile technology to design biosensors and sensors for diagnostics 2018-02-12 Hits: 184
Aramid composites impregnated with different reinforcement: Nanofibers, nanoparticles and nanotubes 2017-08-10 Hits: 182
The impact of relative humidity during electrospinning on the morphology and mechanical properties of nanofibers 2017-08-10 Hits: 176
Preparation characterization and hydrolytic degradation of PLA/PCL co-mingled nanofibrous mats prepared via dual-jet electrospinning 2017-08-10 Hits: 174
Designing exopolysaccharide-graft-poly(3-hydroxyalkanoate) copolymers for electrospun scaffolds 2017-08-10 Hits: 158
Mechanically stable nanofibrous sPEEK/Aquivion® composite membranes for fuel cell applications 2018-02-12 Hits: 148
Electrospinning: A versatile processing technology for producing nanofibrous materials for biomedical and tissue-engineering applications 2018-02-12 Hits: 112
3D-printed barium titanate/poly-(vinylidene fluoride) nano-hybrids with anisotropic dielectric properties 2018-02-12 Hits: 110
Electro-spun graphene-enriched carbon fibres with high nitrogen-contents for electrochemical water desalination 2018-02-12 Hits: 105
Cobalt hexacyanoferrate supported on Sb-doped SnO2 as a non-noble catalyst for oxygen evolution in acidic medium 2018-02-12 Hits: 99


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