Coaxial needles KIT: 2 Layers
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Double layer coaxial needles with dielectric support and Luer F connectors.


The modular coaxial needles are made of AISI 316 stainless steel and can be manufactured with tips of different diameters, also if not in the catalog. Thanks to their stable and accurate structure they can also operate at high temperatures (up to 120 C) without geometric deformation or leakage of liquids or gas.

Every concentric needle is independent so that it can be equipped with a different diameter and be supplied with solutions of different materials through standard Luer Lock connections. All the surfaces have been designed without dead spaces for easy cleaning. The closing system with screws guarantees great simplicity of maintenance.

The perfect axial-symmetrical shape, guaranteed by the exclusive design with all the connections for the fluids on the side behind that of the needles, and the perfectly smooth surface of the coaxial needles ensure an electric field of excellent quality to obtain a stable and accurate production of nanofibers also under difficult conditions.

The modular coaxial needles can be integrated with the Starter Kit, with the RT Collector Web, and with the RT Advanced that have a number of pumps per syringe equal to the number of concentric layers used.


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