XY Stage for solution electrospinning,
melt electrospinning and near-field electrospinning
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2DSpin is an electrospinning machine that allows precise deposition of nanofibers thanks to stage movements in X and Y directions.
Thanks to G-code interpreter you can draw the desired trajectory through a CAD software and send the work program to the machine.

The CSV interpreter allows you to create work programs in a simple and powerful way through spreadsheets.
The machine can be connected to an IT network through the LAN port.

Main features

  • Compact, easy to install, ready-to-use
  • Stand-alone solution to be used with every electrospinning setup
  • Single or linear interpolated movement of X and Y axes
  • Suitable for nanofibers collection and emitter position control
  • Saving up to 2000 work programs in internal memory
  • Work programs in CSV (Excel) or G-code format (up to 10000 steps)
  • Possibility to use the electrospinning machine in vertical or horizontal position
  • Management of all working parameters by LCD touch screen interface and web browser
  • Dielectric case
  • Integrated safety system

Optional features

  • Z axis movement to create 3D structures
  • Heating needle system for melt electrospinning up to 250°C
  • Easy Drum rotary collector up to 5000 RPM


  • Highly aligned micro/nano fibers production
  • Random micro/nano fibers production
  • Melt electrospinning
  • Near-field electrospinning
Technical data
Motor type Closed loop stepper motor
Stroke X-axis 190 mm
Stroke Y-axis 190 mm
Max speed 500 mm/s
Repetition accuracy ±0.02 mm
Main interface Wide LCD color touch screen
Remote interface WEB server
Work program interface FTP server
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